Clean Water for Life Program. Water filters for plumbing, bottles, faucets & more

Here at Woodstock Hardware we find our customers are becoming more aware and concerned with the quality of the water in their home that they use to eat, bath, and clean with.  Our customers are educating themselves on how their water supply systems work in their home, the quality of the water entering their home, and what needs to be done to assure the water is safe for them and their loved ones. 


In response Woodstock Hardware offers a wide selection of water filters, replacement filters, filter replacement parts, additives such as potassium permanganate, water softeners, and water-softening salt, to help meet their growing needs.  

Woodstock Hardware Clean Water for Life includes filters, softeners, solar salt, UV bulbs and How To Handbook on Water Treatment

Through Woodstock Hardware’s Clean Water For Life Program, Woodstock Hardware also provides a variety of services to assist our customers in taking care of their home’s water filtration and treatment systems.  We can assist by; delivering water softener, solar salt, to your home, and replacing your water filters, and UV system bulbs.  Click here to visit Woodstock Hardware’s Clean Water For Life Program.


For the benefit of its’ customers Woodstock Hardware has also created a Water Treatment & Filtration Technical Handbook.  This handbook provides information about your potable water systems, reviews important water guidelines, answers questions about your water system, and offers an extensive glossary of terms related to your water system. Download Woodstock Hardware’s Water Treatment & Filtration Handbook. 


In addition to the selection of Water Filter and Treatment supplies you can see Woodstock Hardware can also provide you the technical expertise required to help you successfully meet your water filtration and treatment needs.   

Here are just some of the products you will find in our store and on our ecommerce site:

O-Rings • Brackets • Plastic Cartridge Wrenches • Counter-Top Replacement Filters • Ice-Maker Replacement Filters • Showerhead Replacement Filters • Under-Sink Replacement Filters • Whole-House Replacement Filters • Water Softener Cleaner • Extra Course Softener Salt • Potassium Softener • Potassium Permanganate • Faucet Mount Water Filters • Under Sink Water Filters • Whole House Water Filters • Filtered Pitchers • Pitcher Replacement Filters • Black Cartridge Wrench • Red Softener Salt • On-Tap System 

Water Filters Available

As the demand for cleaner water grows, Woodstock Hardware is often asked about the different styles of water filters available for use in the home or office. There are several styles of water treatment devices available on the market today. The most common styles are listed below, along with a brief description of each. 

Point-of-Entry (POE) System 
These systems typically treat most of the water entering a residence. Point-of-entry systems, or whole-house systems, are usually installed after the water meter or pnuematic tank.


Point-of-Use (POU) System
These systems typically treat water in batches and deliver water to a single tap, such as a kitchen sink faucet or an auxiliary faucet mounted next to the kitchen sink. The following information contains a brief explanation of different POU systems and points to consider when determining which style of a system will best suit your needs.


The list is ordered from easiest installation/operation to more difficult or complex installation/operation and should not be construed as any type of recommendation. 


Personal Water Bottle
This type of product consists of a bottle and a filter. The filter may be integrated with the push/pull cap of the filter bottle or may be integrated with a straw. 


Pour Through
In pour-through products, gravity causes water to drip through a pitcher, which is usually stored in the refrigerator. 


Faucet Mount
This type of filter is mounted on an existing kitchen sink faucet (usually replacing the aerator or installed immediately before the aerator). A diverter is usually used to direct water through the system when treated drinking water is desired 


Countertop; Manual Fill
This system is usually placed
on a counter and filled by pouring water into the system and activating it for a batch of water. 


Countertop; Connected to Sink Faucet
This product is usually placed on a counter and connected by tubing to an existing kitchen sink faucet. The treated water dispenses out of a return tube from the kitchen faucet, or the treated water is dispensed from a spout on the system. 


This type of system is usually installed under the sink and requires a permanent connection to the existing pipe. The filter water is dispensed through the faucet.   

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So, whether you need to change your homes water filter – don’t forget to use plumber’s grease on the o-ring, or refilling your water softener, or need a Brita water pitcher for your kitchen table, Woodstock Hardware has a full selection of water filtration and treatment supplies and the technical expertise to help you successfully complete your project.


So, stop in, take a look around, ask a few questions.  You are sure to find what you want and need.    


At Woodstock Hardware we are confident that by our combining our extensive inventory of supplies, and products with our hands-on experience and expertise we can help you successfully complete your next project.