Storage bins, bags, tips & tricks for everything from cables & chargers to toys

After your first a visit to Woodstock Hardware, or after reviewing our in-store pictures, you are sure to understand we are big on storage and organization. How else would we be able to stock and manage an inventory with over 27,000 items? And we take our customers storage and organization needs as seriously as our own.

Here are just some of the products you will find in our store and on our ecommerce site:

Plastic Storage Totes • Plastic Storage Bins • Plastic Drawers • Plastic Organizers • Kitchen Drawer Organizers • Shelf Liners • Contact Paper • Cabinet Organizers • Over the Door Hooks • Storage Racks • Glass Canisters • Food Storage Containers • Plastic Storage Bags • Tackle Boxes • Tool Organizers • Extra Large Storage Bags • Closet Hooks • Vanity Storage Bins • Tool Racks • Garage Storage Racks

Storage Tips

Here are a few great storage tips we found at

  • Coil spare chargers, cables, and extension cords inside cardboard toilet-paper rolls — and store them upright in a box to prevent tangle meltdowns.
  • Put a magazine holder to work in your kitchen by using it to vertically stash boxes of sandwich bags, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap in a cabinet.
  • A one-two punch of orderliness: Create precious storage space and keep spray bottles at your fingertips by hanging the nozzles from a tension rod.
  • For tidy drawers, try arranging folded piles of clothes horizontally, filling each drawer from front to back. This way you can see everything, including that favorite college T-shirt you thought you lost five years ago.
  • Who says file organizers are office-only accessories? Use one for easy access to your bakeware and cutting boards.
  • Avoid a jumbled jewelry box by stacking bangles and cuffs on a paper-towel holder. It’ll be so much easier to survey your options.
  • Filled with games, toys, and books in the backseat, a plastic cleaning caddy turns into a portable entertainment center for little ones. Or take it over for yourself, with sunglasses, wipes, whatever.
  • Make sense of a row of identical-looking cords on a fully loaded power strip by using plastic bread-bag tags to label cables.
  • Swap out a clunky, space-hogging knife block for a sleek wall-mountable magnetic strip that keeps your knives clean and far away from tiny, curious hands.
Scissors, scissors and some exacto knives and more to cut and trim paper, folders, and any hard copies in the office

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So whether you are reorganizing your; storage closet, inside your kitchen cabinets, your pantry, your garage or work shop, your work bench, or even your nuts and bolts Woodstock Hardware has a full selection of organization and storage supplies and products to help you successfully complete your project.