Tips to protect you from pests and pests diseases. How to be safe

There are days when controlling the pests, insects, and rodents in and around your home can seem like a full-time job. And there is no one simple answer, one single product or one best way to accomplish this either. Pest and insect control is best accomplished through integrated management – control through a combination of methods. 


Having been at it for over twenty-five years Woodstock Hardware knows not only do pest, insect, and rodent populations change from year to year, but people’s personal approach to their troubles vary, as do the products available to help combat these problems.  As a result, Woodstock Hardware stocks, a wide selection of pest, insect, and rodent control products.


Woodstock Hardware’s Pest and Insect Department is a destination for our customers.


Our extensive inventory includes organic, natural, and synthetic products to either, eliminate, repel, or relocate, a wide variety of pests, insects, and rodents in and around your home.  And we have to remain flexible.  Because what works for one customer, or suits the needs of one customer, or meets the moral compass of another person vary greatly.   

See an enlarged closeup of a mosquito on an arm. The mosquito details are fascinating. And yes, we are all glad we can buy products at Woodstock Hardware to protect ourselves from insect bites

Following is just a sampling of the pests, insects, and rodents, Woodstock Hardware deals with on a frequent basis. 

  • Pantry & clothes moths 
  • Aphids, mealy bugs, and white flies. 
  • Grubs and Japanese beetles. 
  • Tent caterpillars & gypsy moths  
  • Wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets 
  • Ticks & fleas. 
  • Ants and termites 
  • Mice and rats 
  • Moles, and vols. 
  • Rabbits & groundhogs 
  • White tailed deer and black bear

To combat the complex matrix generated form the wide spectrum of insects and pest and the wide ideals of our customers, Woodstock Hardware stocks pest, insect, and rodent control products manufactured by the finest, and most popular manufacturers including; Bonide, Terro, Fresh Cab, Dear Defeet, Victor, and many others.


In addition to these excellent products, when available Woodstock Hardware stocks a variety of technologically advanced products.  This includes the constantly improving products being developed to repel unwanted pests through sound and odor and to attract, trap, and kill disease carrying insects such as mosquitos.


For more information on some of the newest traps and devices being made to kill disease carrying insects please visit our DynaTrap and ThermaCell page.  Here you will find a number of smart and innovative ways to control these troublesome insects and are sure to find one to meet your individual needs.   

Here are just some of the products you will find in our store and on our ecommerce site:

Fly Swatters • Mouse Traps • Mouse Repellants • Mouse Poison • Moth Balls • Deer Repellent • Grub Killer • Bed Bug Spray • Ant Control • Spider Traps • Yellow Jacket Traps • Bat Control • Japanese Beetle Traps • Termite Control • Mole Repellent • Slug & Snail Bait • Carpenter Ant Spray • Home Bug Spray • Roach Powder • Flea Control 

Tips To Protect Yourself

In addition to the extensive selection of Pest, Insect, and Rodent control products Woodstock Hardware can also provide you the technical expertise required to help you make sure you will successfully protect your space from the challenges presented by Mother Nature.    

Here are a few interesting facts surrounding mice. And whether you think mice are terrifying, or cute, we are sure you will find these facts both fascinating and possibly cause for alarm. 

  • Mice Harbor Disease. According to a CDC medical report, rodents around the globe could harbor more than 30 diseases harmful to humans, including the Bubonic plague, the Hanta Virus and Typhus. They live and walk about freely through garbage, fecal matter and urine, so they’re prone to carrying viruses and bacteria that can make us sick. 
  • Mice Love Human Habitats. We have so much to offer: food, water, shelter, safety and even a place to raise their young. Between our walls, in the attic and underneath floors with crawl spaces — mice thrive in human habitats.  
  • Mice Will Find Their Way in Through A Tiny Gap or Crack. Crawl space vents, roof holes, pet doors and even gaps between your wall and floors confirm the facts about mice and rats: they’ll come in and set up house any place they’re comfortable. Mice contain collapsible cartilage which means they can easily flatten out. Rats require about half an inch to squeeze through, while mice only need a quarter of an inch. 
  • Mice Like To Gnaw. Mice have big incisors that grow very quickly and they like to gnaw on wood support beams behind your walls, sub floors underneath your carpet and hardwoods and even electrical wiring. 


And if that is not enough consider this. In just one month’s time mice can produce thousands of fecal pellets and deposit urine in areas where we eat and sleep. Their feces and urine may contain millions of bacteria or viruses and easily contaminate more than what they eat or with what they come in contact. The damage these rodents do to food and buildings runs in the tens of billions of dollars world-wide.

Woodstock Hardware’s Lawn and Garden Department also contains a wide range of supplies and products that can help you control pests, insects, and rodents outside your home. Visit our Lawn and Garden Department for more pest, insect, and rodent control supplies and products. 


Find top quality brand name Pest, Insect & Rodent Control Supplies manufactured by companies that include: 

Fly Swatters

Mouse Traps

Mouse Repellants

Mouse Poison

Moth Balls

Deer Repellent

Grub Killer

Bed Bug Spray

Ant Control

Spider Traps

Yellow Jacket Traps

Bat Control

Japanese Beetle Traps

Termite Control

Mole Repellent

Slug & Snail Bait

Carpenter Ant Spray

Home Bug Spray

Roach Powder

Flea Control 

What is the best way to control pest, insects, and rodents, in and around your home? The answer is. “a combination of controls to create a unique solution for that pest, insect, or rodent, in that unique environment, that meet your values and beliefs. Remember, a solution that works in one place may not work in another. Or maybe one product will work one year and not the next. After all we are talking about controlling Mother Nature.  


So, if you need insecticidal soap to control aphids, boric acid to control ants, electronic or odiferous rodent repellents to help control mice, a fence or plant spray to deter deer, or just someone to vent to about your latest “invasion” stop in Woodstock Hardware and let us help.


At Woodstock Hardware we are confident that by our combining our extensive inventory of supplies, and products with our hands-on experience and expertise we can help you successfully complete your next project.