House & Auto Key Cutting

Woodstock Hardware is known for making the best “key copies around.”  We make key copies for homeowners, local businesses, real estate offices, local law enforcement and emergency services, and just about everyone in Town. 


We copy 1000’s of house, office, car, truck, padlock, and miscellaneous keys a year and are happy to guarantee our work. That is, on the rare occasion, that our key copy does not work we will be happy to refund you your money, or make you another copy on our dime. 

But we must warn you.  A key copy, from a copy, form a copy, of the original may work a bit rough.  But some powdered graphite might help that.  And to avoid a common mistake make sure we are copying the correct key for the lock you want to use.  No matter how perfect the copy if the key goes to the side door and you are using it in the front door it might not work!


Once you’re finished getting your keys cut, feel free to browse our extensive collection of key rings, caps, hooks, and carabiners. We also have a huge variety of Nite Ize products perfect for your brand new key including the ever popular DoohicKey tool, S-biner, and InfiniKey keychain.

Home wooden door with key inserted in the lock

So, whether you need a copy of that house, car, or padlock key, are looking for a new key chain with a flashlight to help in the dark, or are looking for a way to hide a spare key, Woodstock Hardware can help. 


So, stop in, take a look around, ask a few questions.  You are sure to find what you want.   


At Woodstock Hardware we are confident that by our combining our extensive inventory of supplies, and products with our hands-on experience and expertise we can help you successfully complete your next project. 

To find out more about our Key Cutting Services either; stop in the store, call us at (845) 679-2862, or Contact Us by email