Pliers, drills, wrenches, knives, hammers, screwdrivers & more hand tools

Woodstock Hardware stocks a full line of quality hand and power tools. Our wide selection of hand tools and accessories provide the tools to meet the needs of our homeowners and professionals alike.   

See the hand tools, such as wrenches, in a variety of sizes, different manufacturers, well organized in the aisle at Woodstock Hardware

These tools help us to perform tasks that are easy as well as those that otherwise would be difficult or impossible. We have all used a hammer and a screwdriver. But how many of us have used a reverse thread screw extractor to remove an old broken off one in a piece of heavy metal? Or who has used a tap to repair damaged threads? 


So maybe a 6 in 1 screwdriver will best suit your needs to tighten up those loose cabinet doors but an electrician won’t be satisfied without a specialty Klein conduit screw driver.  Whether you are looking for a screwdriver, a nail set, a hammer, a stair gauge, maybe a wrench, pliers, or a dove tail saw, a square, level, or bevel, Woodstock Hardware has the hand tools and accessories you need. 


In addition,  we have  a full line of quality corded, and battery operated, power tools and accessories.  When you need your next drill, sander, or pex exapansion tool stop in and see us.  Visit Woodstock Hardware’s Power Tool and Accessory Department . 

Here are just some of the products you will find in our store and on our ecommerce site:

Screwdrivers • Tape Measures • Pliers • Nail Sets • Wrenches • Pry-Bars • Hammers • Saws • Staple Guns • Rivet Guns • Drill Bits • Sheet Rock Knives • Concrete Trowels • Allen Keys • Dremmel Accessories • Screw Tips • Trowels • Taping Knives • Chalk Lines • Squares • Levels • Router Bits • Rubber Mallets • Pry-Bars

Handtool Tips

In addition to the hand tools and accessories you need, with over twenty-five years of experience, Woodstock Hardware can provide you the technical expertise required to help you successfully complete your next project.   


Here are a few tips hand tool we have learned over the years that we would like to share with you to make your job easier:     

  • Struggling to pry the plug out of a hole saw?  Drive a long screw into the plug. When the screw hits the back of the hole saw, keep driving and the screw will magically pull out the plug. If the plug is really stubborn, you might have to add a second screw on the other side of the drill bit. Then alternate between the screws, turning one and then the other until the plug is out. 
  • Need to stop a wondering drill bit?  Even the sharpest bit tends to skate across hard materials like tile, metal or glass, leaving loopy scratches behind. To steady a wandering bit, give it a softer place to start. Thin cardboard taped firmly in place, works perfectly. 
  • Magnetize a Screwdriver.  This old trick could save you hundreds of dropped screws over your lifetime. Grab a magnet and rub it along the shaft of a screwdriver a dozen times or so. Rub in one direction only, kind of like sharpening a knife. In about 10 seconds, you’ll have a magnetic screwdriver. Repeat as needed. 
See the hammers, knives and more hand tools well organized and labeled at Woodstock Hardware

Find top quality brand name Hand Tools and Accessories manufactured by companies that include: 








Custom Leathercraft

Black & Decker











Whether you need a 1″, #2 square drive screw tip, a speed square, a 3# engineers hammer, or a nut driver, you will find all of the hand tools and accessories to satisfy everyone, from the homeowner to the professional builder, from the most basic hand tools to quality specialty tools. And we have all the accessories you need to complete your job right.

So, stop in, take a look around, ask a few questions.  You are sure to find what you want and need.    


At Woodstock Hardware we are confident that by our combining our extensive inventory of supplies, and products with our hands-on experience and expertise we can help you successfully complete your next project.