August Tips

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Home Tip

Lubricate door and window hinges using spray Teflon rather than oil-based WD40 to improve operation.

Yard Tip

Keep on top of pool maintenance. Heavy rains or extreme heat can wreak havoc with your chemical balances.

Garden Tip

Start bringing in those houseplants you brought outside for the summer.


  • Continue with your canning activities. With local gardens producing fresh fruits and vegetables, now is the time to prepare for the upcoming winter months. 
  • Check that your window and door locks work properly. Clean sliding tracks and lubricate hinges. To improve operation of your doors and windows use spray Teflon rather than oil based WD40.  
  • Replace any broken window glass. Woodstock Hardware cuts single pane window glass and sells the products necessary to reglaze a traditional window. Visit Services Center to find out about our glass cutting service and the other specialized services we offer. 
  • Inspect your garage door. Replace any damaged weather stripping seals and grease the door tracks. Use grease made specifically for garage doors. 
  • Walk around the exterior of your home and look for minor brick or mortar cracks in your foundation and chimney. Fill any cracks with concrete caulk, premixed concrete patch, or a number of powdered products. We have a selection of fillers and caulks you can use to repair any imperfection you find. Visit Woodstock Hardware’s Caulk, Fillers, and Adhesive Department. 
  • If you have not cleaned your gutters yet this year, check them now. Replace damaged or leaking gutters. Install down spout guards and gutter screens to help keep debris out. 
  • At this point, you may still have few projects you want to complete before the snow flies. Inventory your nails, screws, and specialty fasteners to make sure you are ready for the next round of projects. Woodstock Hardware has one of the largest varieties of common and specialty fasteners around, including nails for pneumatic tools and coiled screws for Duraspin screw guns. And with our supply of nuts and bolts and specialty fasteners, we can help you with any fastening situation. Visit our Fasteners, Nails, Nuts & Bolts, and Screw Department. 
  • Inspect your attic and make sure all insulation is in place. Consider installing additional insulation to reduce energy costs. 
  • Now is a good time to have your septic tank pumped, if you have one. Your septic tank should be pumped about every 5-8 years depending on water usage and tank size. 
Silicone Concrete Masonry Sealant, 10.1 oz cartridge


  • Some folks like to use August to do a little planning. It is a good time to look around and see what you like and you don’t like in your yard. This way, you can improve on what you liked this year and note any changes you want for next year. Take notes and put them away to use in your winter planning.  
  • Stay on top of your Japanese beetle control. These pesky insects are still out there and can easily destroy your favorite rose bush.  
  • Keep on top of your pool maintenance. Heavy rains or extreme heat can wreak havoc with your chemical balances. 
  • Fire up the barbecue and take a few minutes to enjoy yourself, family, and friends. With all the local produce available it is a great time to enjoy our local flavors.  
Weber GS4 grilling system, Infinity Ignition, high performance burners & grease management system.


  • It is time to start bringing in those house plants you moved outside for the summer. You may need to repot some of your plants. Woodstock Hardware has a wide variety of house plant supplies including pots, potting soil, vermiculite, African violet/orchid soil, and fertilizers.  
  • The vegetable garden is still in full swing. Make sure you are canning part of your harvest to enjoy this winter.  
  • Many perennials are in full bloom. To maximize the beauty of your gardens,  dead-head and cut back any flowers that are done blooming. Find time to do some summer pruning as well. Cut back aggressive growing shrubs and bushes. Remove any wild shoots or growth that diminishes the structural integrity or overall look of your larger plants.  
  • If it has been a dry summer keep watering your garden the best you can. Water either early in the morning or late at night to minimize evaporation and conserve water. If it has been a wet year check your plants for mold and treat accordingly. 
Earth Quencher black garden hose, ½ in x 25 ft


  • Glass Jars
  • Jelly Jars
  • Freezer Jars
  • Canning Utensils
  • Powdered Graphite
  • WD40 & Spray Teflon
  • Window Glass
  • Glazing Points
  • Glazing Putty
  • Garage Door Weather Stripping
  • Nails, Screws, Nuts & Bolts
  • Caulks & Concrete Fillers
  • Gutter Downspouts & Screens
  • Plant Pots
  • Potting Soils
  • Orchid & African Violet Soil
Ball spiral glass jars, multipurpose