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Woodstock Hardware has been working to develop a series of “How to Videos”. These videos are designed to share our nearly 30 years of experience and help our customers complete their projects like a pro. We have finished our first six videos

The “Best Mouse Trap” 

The “Water Hose Storage”

Caulk Like A Pro

Grass Seed Planting Tip

Avoid Drips Painting Doors 

Tick Protection Tips

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Woodstock Hardware

We stock over 30,000 items including a wide selection of specialty items: hand and power tools, outdoor needs, paints and supplies, electrical and plumbing, cleaning and storage, and much more.

A gourmet kitchenware shop located upstairs in Woodstock Hardware. We carry more than 2,700 items – from the hottest brand names and gadgets to traditional, tried-and-true products.

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Vince’s Maintenance Tips

Summer is a great time to spent time outdoors fishing with your family! When purchasing bobbers, buy smaller ones. When fish take the bait, bobbers offer resistance that the fish can feel. The less resistance the fish feels, the better chance that the fish will take the bait. Woodstock Hardware has a complete line of fishing supplies.

Look beautiful and delicious? See the trout caught locally by Woodstock Hardware

Summer is a time when all the pests come out – both in your home and outside. A good rule of thumb for preventing mice from entering home is making sure your lawn is kept short. Rodents are less likely to traverse over open areas that don’t offer cover. But, for when the mice do come inside, Woodstock Hardware has a wide array of rodent control options.

See an enlarged closeup of a mosquito on an arm. The mosquito details are fascinating. And yes, we are all glad we can buy products at Woodstock Hardware to protect ourselves from insect bites

Check out Anthony and our How to Video on the best way to set a mouse trap here.

anthony holding mouse trap

Diane’s Kitchen Tips:

Summertime means you’ll be seeing more fresh fish in your kitchen! Remember to not over-season fish – you still want to be able to taste the flavor of the fish itself. My go-to for seasoning is lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

bunny shaped salt and pepper shakers

A fun summertime treat for the kids (and yourself) is ice cream bread. Simply, put 2 cups of your favorite ice cream in a loaf pan and mix in 1-1/2 cups of self-rising flour. Bake at 350 degrees F for 35-40 minutes. Top with sprinkes, and bam! You have delicious ice cream bread!


Top 3 Departments


Lawn and Garden Department

Now is the time everyone is gardening. We stock everything you’ll need to get your garden to grow, both inside and outside. We even have all natural and organic options available!

paint briars

Paint Department

Repainting a bathroom? Painting the interior of a rental property? Painting a commercial or industrial space? No problem. Woodstock Hardware has more than 25 different lines of paint to meet your specific project needs. It is safe to say Woodstock Hardware has the right paint at the right price for your job.

people outside clinking drinks

Outdoor Living

When the good weather arrives, if you are like most of us, it is the time to be outdoors. It is the time of picnics, barbecues, camping, and days at the beach. Woodstock Hardware has a wide variety of supplies, materials, and products and the technical expertise to help you clean, maintain and improve your outdoor living space and enhance your time spent outdoors.

Woodstock Hardware Owners Up-To-Date on the Best New Products


Vince and Diane Christofora both went to the hardware convention in Indiana this Fall to learn about the newest and best hardware products for home and property. Check out the new problem-solving products when visiting the store and here on our website.

Supporting our Community

people standing near a fence

Woodstockers lend a hand to paint, build and repair at several projects.

Through the aid of local business owners and dozens of volunteers, the iron fence at the Woodstock Cemetery got a fresh coat of paint recently and will be repaired. Woodstock Hardware owner Vince Christofora provided the materials and rounded up the volunteer labor to paint the fence along Rock City Road.

customer reviews

Just a few of our top name brands: