All size batteries, flashlights & small lamps at Woodstock Hardware, NY

Going camping? Walking the dog at night? Maybe working in a hard to see spot? Or you just need to have a good light in case of emergency. Woodstock Hardware has a complete selection of Flashlights and Batteries to meet any your needs. 


Still using a conventional filament style flashlight?  No problem we have a selection of these flashlights and replacement bulbs.  Or have you upgraded to the now common supply of LED flashlights.  They certainly are much brighter, smaller, and use far less power allowing them to last longer on a set of batteries.   


Woodstock Hardware has every size battery and variety flashlights. See just some of the batteries we stock

Sound complicated?  It’s not.  Stop in and we will make sure you get the type, style and size flashlight you want and that meets your needs. 


Did someone say “a good flashlight in case of an emergency?”  You be they did.  We did.  Everyone should have at least one, if not four or five, good flashlights in case of an emergency.  And not just a conventional flashlight but also a battery-operated lantern, and even a magnetic work light for those “just in case” messes.   


To be sure you are prepared for the next emergency we strongly recommend you visit Woodstock Hardware’s Storm Survival Program. Our Program provides a comprehensive list of all of the hardware supplies and products that will help you, your family, and your home, survive the next major storm event, or emergency.  This program also provides the Storm Survival Resources to help you be prepared for these types of events. 


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Here are just some of the products you will find in our store and on our ecommerce site:

AA • AAA • 6V • 9V • D • Battery Powered Lanterns • Watch Batteries • Camera Batteries • Clock Batteries • Small Gadget Batteries • Emergency Hand Crank Flashlight • Solar Powered Flashlight • Headlamps • Clip-on Hat Lamp • Magnetic Lamps • LED Flashlights • Undercabinet Lights • Key-Chain Lights • Specialty Flashlights • Pocket Lights 


Battery Do’s and Don’ts

In addition to the all of the batteries and flashlights you need Woodstock Hardware can also provide you the technical expertise required to help you select the best flashlight to meet your needs.  Here are a few battery Do’s and Don’ts published by the Energizer Battery Company: 

  • DO read the instructions on your device before installing batteries. Only use the size and type of battery specified in the instructions. 
  • DO insert the batteries properly. Follow the symbols showing the correct way to position the positive (+) and negative (-) ends of the batteries. 
  • DO keep battery contact surfaces clean by gently rubbing with a clean pencil eraser or cloth. 
  • DO immediately remove exhausted batteries from your device and dispose of properly. 
  • DO remove all batteries from the device at the same time and replace them with new batteries of the same size and type. 
  • DO preserve battery life by switching off a device and removing the batteries when it is not being used, and is not expected to be used for extended periods of time. 
  • DO practice proper battery storage by keeping batteries in a cool, dry place at normal room temperature. It is not necessary to store batteries in a refrigerator. 


  • DON’T keep batteries, especially small and coin cell batteries, within reach of children. If swallowed, coin cell batteries can become lodged in the esophagus where they can cause serious injury or death in as little as two hours.
  • DON’T dispose of batteries in a fire — they may leak or rupture. 
  • DON’T disassemble, crush, puncture, or otherwise damage batteries.  This can result in leakage or rupture. 
  • DON’T carry loose batteries in a pocket or purse with metal objects like coins, paper clips, etc. This can short-circuit the battery, leading to high heat or leakage. 
  • DON’T recharge a battery unless it is specifically marked “rechargeable.” Attempting to recharge a non-rechargeable (primary) battery could result in leakage or rupture. Don’t use rechargeable alkaline batteries in nickel metal hydride battery chargers. 
  • DON’T store batteries or battery-powered devices in hot places — elevated temperatures can lead to capacity loss, leakage or rupture. 
  • DON’T mix old and new batteries, or mix different types or makes of batteries. This can cause leakage or rupture, resulting in personal injury or property damage. 
  • DON’T give batteries to young children. 
See the Woodstock Hardware aisle filled with flashlights of every kind and size you need.

Find top quality brand name Flashlights & Batteries manufactured by companies that include: 



Nebo Tools





Do it Best




Forney Industries 

So, whether you need a powerful LED flashlight, a battery operated lantern to light up a room, or a hands free headlamp Woodstock Hardware has the products and supplies you need. So, stop in, take a look around, ask a few questions. You are sure to find what you want and need.

At Woodstock Hardware we are confident that by our combining our extensive inventory of supplies, and products with our hands-on experience and expertise we can help you successfully complete your next project.   


A Special Reminder.  Flashlights and Batteries are two products that are in high demand during storm events. Here in the Hudson Valley we are very susceptible to power outages during storm events, all year long, especially in the Fall and Winter, and there is nothing handier to have during those times than the right assortment of flashlights and a good supply of batteries.  


Visit Woodstock Hardware’s unique Storm Survival Program to find a comprehensive list of all of the hardware supplies and products that will help you, your family, and your home survive the next major storm event. And Sign Up now to join our email list to assure you receive our special storm readiness bulletins designed to help you through our next storm event.