Turn Your Car Into A Generator

You can buy a number of chargers and adapters to charge your important electronic devices using your cars battery. With a few key adapters and cables you can power a lap top or other AC equipment. You can even buy a power inverter ($50 and up) charge it in your car, and then run small appliances in your home.


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These products were the most requested products during the past storm events.

DC to Dual USB Adapter

Charges and powers USB (universal serial bus) devices and mounts flush to the dash board for clutter-free charging. Features a light to indicate when device is properly charged. 2.1 amp, charges up to twice as fast.

3ft Micro USB/Sync Cable

This micro USB (universal serial bus) cable is able to charge, sync, and power portable devices with a Mac or Windows PC. USB A to USB micro. Black. Fits easily into your emergency kit or glovebox.

Woodstock Hardware customers interested in protecting their family and home during the past storm events also purchased these popular products and supplies.

USB Power Inverter

Converts DC to AC when plugged into a car power outlet. Powers & charges compatible USB & AC mobile devices simultaneously. Features replaceable fuse, overload protection, low battery shut down, reverse polarity protection, and LED (light emitting diode) indicator.

6′ 6in1 USB2.0 Cable Kit

This Windows/Mac compatible USB 2.0, 6-in-1 cable kit is the perfect solution for all USB cable needs. Carrying case keeps adapters organized. 24k gold-plated connectors maximize conductivity. Connect a variety of electronic items or extend a short cable up to 16´.


1400W Power Inverter 

Alarm plugs into any standard 120V AC outlet with no additional mounting and battery operated alarm backup provides consistent protection for added safety during power outages.

In case of an emergency you can charge your cell phone without your phone charge. Use a USB cable and connect your cell phone to your an adapter in your car. By running your car the alternator recharges your battery and you should be able to charge your phone as often as needed. Provided you don’t run out of gas.

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Source CNN and Doug Gross.