Store water. Fill the tub.

It is easy to forget how much we depend on water during the day. Washing our hands, brushing our teeth, to drink, flushing the toilet, etc. Fill up as many buckets and bottles for washing, flushing and drinking before the storm is predicted to hit. And remember your tub is the biggest bucket you have. Fill it up.

Find great tips and information to help you and your family prepare, survive through, and clean up after the next major storm event below.

These products were the most requested products during the past storm events.

Tub Stopper

Bathtub drain stopper fits-all. White rubber tub stopper with nickel-plated brass ring. For drains 1-1/2″ and 2″. An essential for water storage when the power goes out. Fill up the tub and secure water BEFORE the disaster hits and no water is available.

40ct Canister Wet Ones

Stock up on these Hand & face wipes for sensitive skin. Clinically proven safe for baby. Alcohol-free & fragrance-free formula. Formulated with extra mild cleansers & moisturizers to be gentle enough for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic, nondrying, & nonirritating. 40 ct.

2 Gal Beverage Cooler

Igloo’s 2 gal beverage cooler is made of high-impact, lightweight plastic. Won´t dent, chip, crack, or split. Lid fits snug. Contour handles accommodate heavy work gloves. Foamed in place polyurethane insulation. White nylon spigot. Safety colors of red and yellow.

Woodstock Hardware customers interested in protecting their family and home during the past storm events also purchased these popular products and supplies.

6 Gal Plastic Water Can

6 plus gallon capacity. Rugged, portable, and stable. This tough water can is made from FDA compliant polyethylene resins and self-venting closure that features a child-resistant cap. Perfect for automotive and camping use. Made in the USA.

5 gal water carrier

Unbreakable plastic container. Easy-pour spout with molded handles. Collapsible for easy storage. Great for camping, picnics or your Storm Survival Kit. Be prepared with multiple containers to store potable water you can use for cooking and drinking.


Tub Stopper

5″ O.D. flat suction-grip sink stopper. White color. Carded. Place a stopper in all your sinks the nest time a storm hit and be prepared so you and your family are as comfortable as possible when water is available in a limited supply.

Store at least 1 gallon of water per day for each person and each pet. You should consider storing more water than this for hot climates, for pregnant women, and for persons who are sick.

We also sell gallons of water during storm events for your convenience.

Click here to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and learn more about learn more about Storage of Safe Water