Everything but the kitchen sink.

During unusual and challenging times there is no guessing what you made need to lend a helping hand. Duct tape to repair a broken window. Glue to fix a dropped flashlight or bungee cords to strap down loose objects. Whatever the case don’t get caught short handed during the next storm event. Be prepared.

Find great tips and information to help you and your family prepare, survive through, and clean up after the next major storm event below.

These products were the most requested products during the past storm events.

48mmX60yd gray duct tape

Scotch brand for home and shop. An economical tape made with a tough polyethylene film bonded to strong polycotton blend cloth. Good weather and moisture resistance. Silver. Additional quantites available of this product through Woodstock Hardware during storm emergencies.

5′ Camo Loop Rope

Never tangling LoopRope is a fastening device that utilizes bungees crimped at several intervals which creates loops down the length of the rope. Each loop serves as another fastening point utilizing the double-gated carabiners. Fully adjustable, no knots, easy-to-use. Just loop, clip, and go.

Large Nitrile Palm Glove

John Deere nitrile coated nylon glove. Standard dip with elastic wrist. Available in mens black/green or womens pink/green. Abrasion-resistant glove. A must have during power outages.

Woodstock Hardware customers interested in protecting their family and home during the past storm events also purchased these popular products and supplies.

3/8X50′ Blu/W Derby Rope

Superior strength polypropylene rope. Rot-resistant, abrasion-resistant, long life. Can be used for halters, lead ropes, or a barrier rope. Another essential piece of your Storm Survival Kit from your only-one-stop shop for storm survival needs – Woodstock Hardware.

4PK Single Use Krazy Glue

4 pack. Each tube is perfect for a single use. Bonds in seconds. No clamps, no mixing. For plastic, metal, rubber, glass, and ceramics. Each tube is .5 gm. Inner pack is a clip strip. Many other sizes and styles of Krazy Glue available at Woodstock Hardware.


22Pk Stretch Cord

25 Bright colored nylon covered bungee assortment with vinyl-coated hardened wire hooks in a jar. 6-piece 10″; 5-piece each 13″, 18″, and 24″; 2-piece each 30″ and 36″.

Did you know? Duct tape is such a popular product that the amount sold every year could stretch to the moon 1.2 times or wrap around the equator 12.3 times.

Click here to learn read the State Compensation Insurance Fund ‘s article on safely using bungee cords