Emergency lighting that is always ready

We all feel safer with the lights on and don’t forget it gets dark early during the winter months. But regardless of the time of year make sure your emergency lighting is in working order. It is important to have fuel, batteries, and replacement wicks on hand.

Find great tips and information to help you and your family prepare, survive through, and clean up after the next major storm event below.

These products were the most requested products during the past storm events.

Classic Oil Lamp

Keep these “old Faithful” lamps around for whenever the power goes out. Easy to fill and light. A vintage feel frosted glass base with brass-plated burner and flare top chimney gives an elegant glow. Available in two sizes. These lamps never go out of “fashion”. (Don’t forget the oil.)

32oz Ultra Pure Lamp Oil

Totally superior to any general-purpose lamp oil. Created from 100% pure liquid paraffins, Ultra-Pure is absolutely the finest lamp fuel available. Like all our fine lamp oil, it´s conveniently packaged in our patented, easy-pour, non-spill bottles.

Black Lanterna Lamp

Sleek Lanterna Touch LED floodlight with bright, glare-free, wide beam illumination. Turns on or off with the touch of a finger. Uses include outdoor dining, home accent, dorms, camping, RVs & emergency lighting. LEDs never need replaced. Up to 36 hrs on 3 AA batteries (not incl).

Woodstock Hardware customers interested in protecting their family and home during the past storm events also purchased these popular products and supplies.

2 Pk Utility Lighter

Child-resistant lighter. Many uses. Nonrefillable. Keep a supply of these disposable lighters on hand for all your camping, barbeque, and entertaining needs. Great to have an extra pack for your Storm Survival Kit; other lighters, matches, candles available through Woodstock Hardware.

Plumbers Candle

A must have for all home power outages. For patios, hurricane lamps, etc. They will burn for approximately 8 to 10 hours. White. Dimensions: 1-1/4″ x 5″. There are 200 candles per box or buy them individually. Great for individual burning or use to light other products.


Twin Pack Utility Light

Be ready for any power-outage or battery failure with this convenient emergency twin pack with these 2 pre-filled liquid candles, topped with safe shatter-resistant plastic chimneys . Provide up to 100 hours of dependable portable natural flame lighting.

Liquid paraffin burns 1/2 ounce per hour on average and can be used indoors. Store at or near room temperature for an indefinite shelf life. Protect from freezing. Frozen oil that defrosts too quickly is explosive.

Click here to review safety tips for using candles as emergency lighting.