A CO detector and a fire extinguisher are essential

When the power is out people crank up fireplaces, gas stoves, and all types of heaters to protect their family and homes. Remember anything that burns produces carbon monoxide. To protect your family and home make sure your CO detector has a battery backup and that your fire extinguisher is properly charged.

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These products were the most requested products during the past storm events.

120V Plugin CO Detector

Plugs into standard 120V AC outlet; 2 “AA” battery (included) operated alarm backup provides consistent protection for added safety during power outages. Mute button mutes unnecessary alarms and tests alarm function with same button. EZ battery change without dismounting alarm.

1A10BC Fire Extinguisher

Multipurpose household fire extinguisher. Fights wood, paper, grease, oil, and electrical fires. Refillable. Features new easy-to-read pressure gauge. Bracket with strap for easy mounting. U.S. Coast Guard approved. UL rated 1-A; 10-B:C. 2.8 lb.

Woodstock Hardware customers interested in protecting their family and home during the past storm events also purchased these popular products and supplies.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

First Alert brand 9V (battery incl.) smoke alarm/10 yr limited warranty. Photoelectric patented smoke entry system, mute/silence button, end of life signal, power LED (light emitting diode) & alarm indicator. Slim design; half the size of standard alarm. Wall/ceiling mount. UL listed.

Carbon Monoxide Test Kit

Before there is danger to you and your family this kit is more sensitive than electronic detectors, detecting as little as 50 ppm (parts per million) of the invisible and odorless gas. Badge & 2 yellow chemical sensor buttons turn grey when in contact with carbon monoxide gas. Reusable.


120V/BAT Dig CO Detector

First Alert’s 120V plug-in; battery backup. (2 “AA” incl) Digital LED display with easy view backlit display. Displays carbon monoxide concentration in parts per million. Electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor. Loud 85dB alarm, mute button, low battery signal, and end of alarm life timer. Silence/test button.

What is carbon monoxide? CO, often called “the silent killer,” is a gas you cannot see, taste, or smell. It can be created when fossil fuels, such as kerosene, gasoline, coal, natural gas, propane, methane or wood do not burn properly.

Click Here to learn more about carbon Monoxide from the United States Consumer Protection Safety Commission.