Why Buy from Us

Big, bigger, biggest. Cheap, cheaper, cheapest. The biggest and the cheapest. Not at all.

The best? Yes, one of the best? Yes, indeed.


We Are A New Generation Hardware Store


Woodstock Hardware is not just another company selling products on the Internet. We are truly a family owned, small business, that works seven days a week, to meet our customer’s needs.


Our customers recognize the importance of small businesses and support small business. They understand that a small business is the foundation of a community. That a small business contributes to the overall health and well being of a community.


If you want the cheapest products delivered yesterday, we are not your store. If you want quality products and honest, reliable, service then you need to look no further. Woodstock Hardware is your answer.


Woodstock Hardware focuses on offering products and supplies that meet our customer’s functional and fashionable needs. We also expand our core hardware products into a wide range of specialty niche departments to meet the life style needs of our customers.


Woodstock Hardware offers a wide selection of quality products to suit your life style needs. We stock more than 24,000 items in our store and have immediate access to more than 70,000 items. We are less than 60 minutes away from our co-op’s entire inventory!


Woodstock Hardware is accessible. We do not hide behind multiple layers of management. We are on the sales floor, helping our customers, answering the telephone, and “ringing” customers up. The owner of Woodstock Hardware is either in the next aisle over helping a customer, on the telephone talking to a supplier, or in his office working on making the store a better place to shop.


At Woodstock Hardware we want to continue to improve how we do business. The owner cares about, and wants to hear about, your shopping experience. Of course we like to hear you enjoyed your shopping experience. However, we also want to know about any “less than enjoyable” experiences you had. We care.


Woodstock Hardware is a big part of our community. A community made up of diverse individuals with a wide range of interests and beliefs. We do not take from our community. We contribute to our community in many ways and support all of our fellow community members. We support the; arts, volunteer emergency services, youth sports, animal shelters, food banks, not-for-profit organizations, and on and on.


Our family business is a member of Do-it Best, a world class hardware cooperative that purchases more than 3 billion dollars worth of merchandise a year.


Woodstock Hardware is not a faceless entity. We are not a bunch of suits sitting in an office reading about the products we sell. Our family has first-hand knowledge of the products we sell. We have built the store we operate from and the home we live in. We have demolished, cleaned, and painted stuff, soldered pipes, ran wires, planted grass, landscaped, stained the deck, and on and on and on. We have the nicks, bangs, bruises, and aches and pains to show for it. And we have the valuable firsthand experience to share with you.


If you are looking for a wide selection of quality products. If you are interested in honesty and integrity. If you care where you spend your hard earned money. Then Woodstock Hardware is the answer to your hardware, kitchen, and specialty shopping needs.